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# Power through it. about 4 hours ago from web
# #HappybdayDallas about 13 hours ago from web
# Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Dallas!! @thedallaslovato about 13 hours ago from web
# My smile is basically eating my face... then again.... story of my life. :D!!! 8:22 PM Feb 3rd from web
# Just got done scheduling out the year.. I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life... I'm one happy girl right now! 8:22 PM Feb 3rd from web
# @joejonas are you a member of my fan club?! You better be.. I'm a member of yours! :P www.demilovatofanclub.net/ 2:04 PM Feb 3rd from web
# twitpic.com/117oua - Oh @dugyfresh... You never cease to make me smile/point and laugh... 0:) 11:01 AM Feb 3rd from TwitPic
# And your comfort has to come from YOU, not other's acceptance. Love yourself. 12:16 AM Feb 3rd from web
# Confidence starts with beauty. Beauty begins from comfort within. 12:09 AM Feb 3rd from web
# RT Rosario mentions @VotoLatino and @ddlovato on Jimmy Fallon! bit.ly/ccem7v @rosariodawson haha you're so sweet! miss ya lady! 5:22 PM Feb 2nd from web
# Who knows what's gonna happen this year.. I guess it's kind of up to me, huh? So awesome. 5:15 PM Feb 2nd from web
# Just home home from work... but now I want to do more work... SO excited for this year! CR2, Sonny Season 2, new album...? More suprises? ;) 5:12 PM Feb 2nd from web
# "Now I'm thankful for everything and I'm finally becoming a woman, now I got a bigger show to do.." 1:06 PM Feb 2nd from web
# I want to be YOUR friend. 1:45 AM Feb 2nd from web
# The beautiful thing about music, is that no matter who is singing the song you are relating to, they become your confidant, your friend.. 1:45 AM Feb 2nd from web
# Hahahaha 'dreamy'... sorry, I had to retweet that. No but seriously, so proud of you @nickjonas. Love and miss you brothaaa. 1:43 AM Feb 2nd from web
# RT @joejonas: Congrats @NickJonas with #WhoIam Coming out today! You are talented,smart,dreamy.. I love you. I'm Proud of you. 1:36 AM Feb 2nd from web
# Now off to the studio for the night! Woo! 5:29 PM Feb 1st from web
# Shopping... Happy early valentine's day to meeee! :D 4:29 PM Feb 1st from web

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nemo20 28 February 2010  
dddlovato 5 February 2010  
I write here now!
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